Mini- symposium 2nd August 2017

Drawing the line on road safety – all about road marking paints materials, standards, equipment, economics and developments.

The Articles of our Association state one of the objectives to be: “To further the development of the science and technology of the coating industries and to facilitate the interchange of information and ideas thereon”.

Every year we find a topic of interest in our field and shape a technical meeting around it.

This year we chose Road Markings, as this is an important use of paint, and new technology is replacing traditional methods at a growing rate.

‘Road markings are generally used on all surfaced South African roads and streets except the lowest order residential streets. Drivers have become so accustomed to road markings that they tend to react to these without really thinking. This may be because road markings are the only road signs that are virtually in constant view of the driver. If the driver of a vehicle doesn’t look directly at the road markings they still remain in his peripheral vision whenever he ventures on the road.

Under favourable conditions road markings can therefore convey information to the driver on a continuous basis by day and by night….’*

*For Safety’s Sake, Let’s Do Road Marking Quality Control’ SE Grosskopf, Pr Eng Introduction to a paper presented at the 4th Annual Road Safety Conference 2007, Midrand, Johannesburg.

The Program

The Welcoming Address will be given by Deryck Spence – Executive Director of SA Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA).

He will explain the role of SAPMA in the industry and explain the special relationship with OCCA. Deryck will report on the existing status of the SABS 731 Specification & Certification. He will talk about the progress in removing Lead from Road Marking Paints and the trend of contractors to create their own Standards with the Road agencies, using modern technology.

The Plenary Lecture will be: The importance of Road Markings – delivered by Mr. Andre Fabricius Pr.Tech Engineering – Director of Anfab Consult (Pty) Ltd.

His experience with road marking started in 1989 as the Deputy Director at the road traffic sign and marking section for the Pretoria City Council and then moved to Africon/Aurecon in 2004 as a road sign specialist (associate). He started his own company AnFab Consult in 2015. Andre is described as a ‘Road Safety Device Specialist’. He comes highly recommended by his previous work colleagues!

This will be followed by ‘Safety and traffic control – the user’s perspective’ – National Roads Agency – Project Manager Mr. Abdul Hay

SANRAL’s principal tasks are to:

  • Plan, design, construct, operate, rehabilitate and maintain South
  • Africa’s national roads to support socio-economic development.
  • Generate revenue from the development and management of assets.
  • Undertake research and development to advance knowledge in the design and construction of roads and related fields, including the use of smart technologies to promote safer roads.
  • Advise the Minister of Transport on matters relating to South Africa’s roads.

Their objectives:

  • Manage the national road network effectively and efficiently.
  • Provide safe roads.
  • Carry out government’s targeted programmes.
  • Sustain co-operative working relationships with all spheres of
  • government and the SADC member countries.
  • Maintain good governance practice.
  • Maintain financial sustainability.
  • Pursue research, innovation and best practice.
  • Safeguard SANRAL’s reputation.
  • Pursue environmental sustainability and maintain sound environmental practice

This will be followed by ‘The techniques of marking roads; the different types of materials – ‘Control of Quality/ The SABS 731 Specification / Situation Report on Certification by Athol Aghulhas – Ennis Flint Africa

Quote from Ennis Flint Website: “On April 2, 2012, Ennis Traffic Safety Solutions and Flint Trading, Inc. merged to become Ennis-Flint, a worldwide leader in the traffic safety and pavement marking industry. By combining the knowledge, experience and expertise of two dynamic market forces into a single company, Ennis-Flint provides the most comprehensive lineup of pavement marking solutions on the market today”

Athol has been heavily involved in the SABS Committee on Road Marking Paints and will provide Technical explanations of the different types of Road Markings and the related specifications.

We break for an hour’s tasty finger lunch during which delegates can socialise and relax. Exhibits will be on view.

The after lunch presentation will be: ‘Road marking from a contractor’s perspective’ – by Mohamed Shafik Jassat of City Markings – Road Marking Contractor and Soma Naidoo who has a Masters in Road Markings – Tshwane Municipality

“City Markings was formed to serve the needs of the transport industry by providing road marking and road signage solutions. It also provides street furniture such as road studs.

Their market pivots around the current moves to re-vamp South African roads and transport facilities and the need for extended areas for parking vehicles at shopping malls, hospitals, schools and government buildings.

City Markings is the epitome of the government’s policies on broad based black economic empowerment and evidences the recruitment and hiring of local employees in order to ensure empowerment to the local communities. It prides itself upon the notion of ensuring that all employees contribute to an economically autonomous workforce, which is self-sustained’ Extracts from their Website (Ed.)

This is followed by a presentation by: ‘The development and positioning of cold plastic in today’s road marking industry” by Siegfried Hari – Silikal GMBH, Germany.

Siegfried operates from the Silikal training centre in Mainhausen. He is an expert in his field and has many years’ experience in the field of Road Markings. He will be travelling from Germany to give us this presentation.

From their Website: ‘It all started in Frankfurt am Main back in 1951. Having initially concentrated on screed construction, at the start of the 1960’s we then began to develop new, modern synthetic resin-based products for the dynamically growing construction sector; primarily for floor coatings and engineering applications in trade and industry. We have continued on that path with countless research projects to date.

For the last few decades we have been active across the world, in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and almost all other countries in Europe. We are also active in North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

As the markets developed, so did Silikal. With ever changing requirements demanding constant product developments, the product range grew from year to year. Today, our customers can choose from a large number of MMA, epoxy or PU products and specialities, whether coatings, sealants, mortars or PU concrete, tested to CE, TÜV and AgBB standards. On offer are resins for marking and orthopaedic applications, adhesives for filling cracks or testing tensile strength and resins for design floors or tactile guidance systems for the blind, to name just a few.’

The final presentation is: New developments in Lead Free Pigments for Road Marking Paints –– by Mr Joseph Pogson, Technical Development Manager, Union Colours / Chemfit

‘Union Colours is an International Division of the Longyu Pigment and Chemicals Corporation, the largest organic pigment manufacturer in China. First established in 1980, their parent group has grown to be a major force in the production of organic pigments. With continuous investment in new plant and technology, their plant is modern, efficient and exceeds all local, regional and national environmental requirements.

Whilst having substantial production capacity, the factory is supported by satellite units which produce the lesser volume, high performance colour lines. In addition, they manufacture pigments in Johannesburg, South Africa, where they make specialised grades of pigments which are often developed and tailor made to individual customer requirements’.

Joseph, who is travelling from the UK to give this presentation, will be talking about the replacement of Lead pigments in road marking paints – an important factor in our ongoing improvement of our environment.

Delegates have been invited from:

  • Airport Organizations.
  • Civil Engineering and Architectural Professions
  • Coating Raw Material Suppliers
  • Municipalities
  • Road Agencies
  • Road marking Contactors
  • Road marking Manufacturers
  • SARTSMA – South African Road Traffic Sign Manufacturers Association

We will update this Introduction as the program develops.

OCCA is a non-profit, Section 26 Organization. We can therefore organize these functions cheaply – almost at cost!


Date: 2nd August 2017 Venue: Plastics Federation Auditorium

18 Gazelle Ave, Corporate Park South, Midrand
Phone Beverley van Niekerk for more information on: 071 6806630
Or make your booking via the website: Click to reserve your space

We have chosen a comfortable, safe venue with adequate parking, situated just off the N1 Freeway – Olifantsfontein junction at Midrand. The times also accommodate the participants arriving and leaving on time:

We look forward to welcoming you on the day and trust that all will benefit from the wisdom imparted by these experts in their respective fields.

With best wishes,
Graeme Stead BSc, FTSC, FCorrISA
Hon. Education Secretary
OCCA Northern Section


Note: The organizers retain the right to change this program without notice, at their discretion.