Five facts on the water-borne coatings market

Water-based formulations are among the top trends in the coatings industry. How is the situation at the market currently? We have gathered five facts.

Water-borne coatings are developed as an alternative to solvent- borne coatings that contains high amount of VOCs, less eco-friendly in nature and causing several health issues. On the other hand, water-borne coatings are manufactured through green technology which is more eco-friendly in nature and adheres to the safety regulations proposed by REACH and other government organisations.

The global water-borne coatings market size was about EUR 62.4 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach about EUR 82.7 billion by 2022, at a CAGR 5.7% in terms of value.

The market by regions

Asia Pacific has been a bright spot in the global water-borne coatings market in the backdrop of the overall slowdown in global economic development.

Architectural coatings biggest segment

Architectural is the largest application of water-borne coatings. Rapid urbanisation, rising disposable income, and growing GDP in Asia Pacific resulted into increased demand for residential, commercial, and industrial infrastructure followed by renovation/re-paint of residential and commercial buildings.


Forecasts for the coming years remain positive, driven in particular by rising demand for environmentally friendly technologies.

The facts are based on a longer article on the water-borne coatings market.

What are the most important resins?

There has been a shift toward water-borne acrylics, especially in the automotive basecoats due to environmental concerns.

ECS: Meet the new ones

The European Coatings Show is coming closer. This year, many companies will take part in the ECS for the first time. We asked four of them to tell us something about their company and what they will present to the visitors.

Meeting new people: The European Coatings Show is exactly he right place for that. (Picture: Heiko Stahl)

Meeting new people: The European Coatings Show is exactly he right place for that. (Picture: Heiko Stahl)

One of the new exhibitors is the Turkish company ACC Kimya. The company was established in 2010 and produces pigment pastes suitable for water-based, solvent-based, universal, tinting, polyurethane, solvent, solvent-free epoxies and liquid masterbatch systems.

“We aim to sign new partnerships with producers and distributors in the paint and coatings sector as well as to increase our exports”, says Vesile Kutbay of ACC Kimya when asked about her plans for the fair.

ECS Conference

Discover solutions – Don’t miss out on the latest trends!

18 – 19 March 2019

144 presentations in 24 sessions, 10 short courses and countless networking possibilities! Over the course of just two-and-a-half days, the European Coatings Show Conference offers everything you need to thrive in the fiercely contested coatings market: current developments in raw materials, the latest results from scientific institutes and universities, and contact with leading international experts in person.

Over 800 coatings enthusiasts from around the world will be converging on Nuremberg to hear about the latest developments in coatings technology and to forge invaluable contacts. Don’t miss out on the latest trends and register now!

Key reasons to attend:

  • A unique opportunity
    The ECS Conference is the largest and most important coatings conference in Europe and offers you a chance to look beyond the proverbial end of your nose and find out the latest research results from academia and industry. You’ll be among the first to know!
  • Gain a global perspective
    With attendees representing more than 50 countries, you’ll have an unprecedented opportunity to engage with global coatings experts – and to look at your work and projects through a global lens. Gain profound insights into current global technology trends in the coatings industry.
  • Network and connect
    First-time attendees: You’ll have the chance to meet face to face with the brightest minds in coatings technology whom you have only heard about up to now. Returning attendees: You’ll have another chance to hang out with the smartest coatings people you know, plus meet a great many more.
  • Fuel your creativity
    After having attended the ECS Conference, you’ll be bursting with ideas on how to devise better formulation solutions, boost your performance and make yourself even more invaluable to your employer.