The Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association (OCCA) is recognised worldwide as a leading professional body and authority on all matters relating to the colour and coatings industries, including paints, inks and related coatings. OCCA draws its members from individuals employed in the colour and coatings industries.

We are a leader in every sense: for the strength of our collective knowledge and expertise, for our commitment to encouraging best practice and, of course, for the way in which we support our members and promote the industry in general. Here at OCCA we know that information and knowledge are vital to success. Accordingly we draw together a wealth of industry experience and talent to deliver tangible benefits to our individual
members in the workplace.

These are challenging and exciting times in the colour and coatings industries. Something above and beyond the commonplace is needed. OCCA is providing that extra dimension: competitive advantage, both for its members and their companies. Companies and their employees both benefit from an active involvement with

Why OCCA is important to your organisation
Strong and continuous growth has seen OCCA become an international centre of excellence dedicated to developing knowledge and expertise in the colour and coatings sector. Our members are talented technical people who have set themselves apart through professional qualifications, a firm industry focus and a real commitment to achievement and progress. In short, they are the sort of people you are pleased to have working at your side to help you grow and develop your business.

OCCA members work throughout the industry in organisations both large and small. What they all have in common is a shared view that as business becomes more competitive, and customers’ expectations rise, only the highest levels of training, knowledge and expertise can help meet the challenges ahead. Always forward thinking and responsive to change, the Association helps its members, and their respective companies, to meet these challenges, cost effectively, in a number of ways:

    • By administering a series of benchmark professional qualifications now adopted by sister organisations worldwide. These qualifications are hallmarks of technical competence: people at the peak of their profession.
    • By providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation, free of charge, to the member and his employer. Many members are no longer satisfied with qualifications alone and want to be at the forefront of progress and change. The sort of progress that gives companies the edge.
    • By arranging an international, value for money, programme of conferences, meetings and workshops, not just for members, but for the industry as a whole. OCCA leads from the front when it comes to helping develop the technical base of the colour and coatings industries.
    • By publishing Surface Coatings International in two parts.
      Part A: a lively and topical review of the coatings industry, and
      Part B: a definitive, peer reviewed journal of record dedicated to advancing the science and technology of coatings, inks and related coatings.
    • By organising the popular SURFEX Exhibitions, the most visible part of OCCA’s partnership with the international coatings industry. Held in the UK, South Africa, Scandinavia and Singapore, they satisfy the industry need for an effective showcase for companies, their products and services. By providing encouragement and support for students and new recruits to the coatings sector. They are the future of the industry and, as such, OCCA is committed to nurturing these high achievers of the 21st century.
  • Finally, by arranging an extensive programme of social and sporting events, the ideal platform for mixing business with pleasure and networking in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

It all adds up to one thing. An organisation totally dedicated to serving the best interests of the industry. A true Professional Partner forCoatings’.

You can help influence the future. Attend our meetings, subscribe to our publications, participate in our exhibitions and enjoy our social events. Above all, encourage your staff to join the Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association. Remember, your interests are our interests: professionalism and performance.

For further information about OCCA and how it can help your
company, contact the Hon. Secretary at your nearest Section, click your respective Section