Science Council has approved OCCA as an awarding body for Chartered Scientist (CSci)

The Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association (OCCA) is pleased to announce a further development of the Association’s status as the foremost Learned Society serving coating scientists. The Association was admitted to membership of the Science Council in 2004, and its qualification regime, and the steps it is taking to
enable it to award the qualification of Chartered Scientist under licence from the Science Council, have now been approved.

In 2003, the Science Council received a Royal Charter to offer a qualification (Chartered Scientist) for those scientists reaching an internationally recognised standard of learning and achievement. This initiative arises from the EU’s Bologna agreement, which anticipates a unified qualification structure for all scientists at a nominal ‘Masters’ level. Unlike traditional UK Masters degrees, however, the Chartered Scientist qualification will require significant exposure to learning and experience beyond formal academic training. It therefore aligns with the practice in many countries, which have always required a more
broadly based career than a purely academic one. Among the benefits of a Chartered Scientist designation are:

  • For society at large, to be more confident in the competence of an individual scientist and no longer confused by a platform of letters and designations
  • For individual practitioners, identification as professional scientists that sets them at the forefront of their profession and offers a passport to mobility
  • For employers, confirmation, through the designation, of the quality of a job applicant’s application
  • For regulatory authorities, confidence in specifying the designation in Acts of Parliament and Regulations.
  • Legal credibility, enabling expert witness participation at a defined standard
  • Professional standing, recognising equality of excellence across the science professions

The Association will offer this additional qualification to its Members, through the licence it has now negotiated with the Science Council.

Members seeking the award of Chartered Scientist status, and the use of the designatory letters CSci may use the route established and maintained by OCCA as from 1st.January 2006.