A Word from the Northern Section Chair

Good day all Northern Section Members

This communique serves to inform members of the activities of the Northern Section and the OCCA SA Division in particular.

The OCCA UK centenary was reached in May 2018 and the occasion was celebrated at our year-end function convened in December 2018.

The first quarter of 2019 has flown by and has brought with it several challenges.  The most important   consideration is the relevance of OCCA going into the future. Our membership status shows a significant and ongoing decline and as an Association we need to question ourselves and our business model. The name of our Association itself now appears dated and this may require a change in the future. We serve the Surface Coatings Industry and not only the Oil Colour Chemists of the paint fraternity.

This dilemma has surfaced in other parts of the world and as an example action was taken by the former Australian Division of OCCA to undergo change and establish the Surface Coating Association of Australia, whilst maintaining a distant relationship with OCCA UK.

Discussions are well underway between OCCA UK and OCCA SA to possibly follow a similar route. As a preliminary step we will hold an extraordinary Section meeting on 29th March (at Werner’s Bistro, Eastgate) to discuss the matter with all our members to ensure that ideas and concerns are noted. Our Secretary has sent out a communication regarding this important event. Your presence and input at this meeting is strongly encouraged.

The Committee, is also involved with the task of instilling new life into the OCCA SA website. In addition, we have engaged with a specialist in this field and work is in progress to update our website to serve our Association to best benefit. Please visit the website as your objective feedback is valued.

The next technical meeting will be held on 11th April at IMCD in Randburg. The speaker is Dr, Roberto Pieri of Evonik and his topic will be confirmed shortly.

We look forward to the developments for improvement of our organisation and trust that we will have your support ahead,

Eugene Els