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The Oil and Colour Chemists' Association of South Africa is the local Section of the Oil and Colour Chemists' Association headquartered in London, England. This Association has Members around the world with other Sections scattered throughout the United Kingdom, as well as in Singapore, and Canada, and Branches in Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

The Association exists to serve individuals within the Paint, Printing Ink and Allied Industries by providing a source of continuing education through forums designed to disseminate new information and technology; providing and administering a high quality education program; recognising the accomplishments of its Members; cultivating an atmosphere of goodwill amongst competitors and suppliers alike through social activities; and abiding by the principles and regulations set forth by the Association.

The Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association (OCCA) is recognised worldwide as a leading professional body and authority on all matters relating to the colour and coatings industries, including paints, inks and related coatings. Here at OCCA we know that information and knowledge are vital to success. Accordingly we draw together a wealth of industry experience and talent to deliver tangible benefits to our individual members in the workplace. OCCA provides the competitive advantage, both for its members and the companies they work for.

Our members are talented technical people who have set themselves apart through professional qualifications, a firm industry focus and a real commitment to achievement and progress.

OCCA members work throughout the industry in organisations both large and small. As business becomes more competitive, and customers’ expectations rise, only the highest levels of training, knowledge and expertise can help meet these challenges. OCCA is forward thinking and responsive to change, the Association helps its members, and their respective companies, to meet these challenges. The organisation totally dedicated to serving the best interests of the industry.

You can help influence the future by becoming a Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association member.

Experienced and qualified members can become professional members in the Oil and Colour Chemists' Organisation.

Important benefits of membership include receipt of the monthly journal, Surface Coatings International, the option to purchase Association Publications at reduced rates, and the recognition of professional competency through Professional Membership (suitable for qualified applicants).

One-Day Symposiums are organised to help with the upgrade of technical skills and information for people employed within the industry. There are reduced admission rates for OCCA Members to various OCCA functions.

Strong and continuous growth has seen OCCA become an international centre of excellence dedicated to developing knowledge and expertise in the colour and coatings sector. For all those wishing to improve their skills in Paint and Ink Technology we have have partnered with SAPITI. Members can link via our membership panel to SAPMA to engage in Paint and Technology courses at preferential rates.

OCCA members have access to Specialist publications such as Monographs and Reviews at preferential rates. (Subject to local availability).

Eugene Els ATSC Chairperson - Northern section


Gary Marrison ATSC Chairman & SA Vice President


Victor Elroy Marais Chairman – Kwazulu Natal Section


Verna Oliphant Chairperson Cape town


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The world is changing very fast and this is especially so in the fields of science, technology and engineering. To remain competent and keep up to date as a professional, individuals have to maintain, develop and increase their knowledge base and skills throughout their working career. Likewise, progressive companies encourage the training and the development of their staff in order to maintain a competitive edge. This training and development can be achieved through a concept known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This has been defined by many organizations, as "The Commitment to Life-long Learning". We all have to carry on learning just to keep pace in today's ever changing world.CPD can be further defined as: "The maintenance, development and widening of theoretical and practical skills to ensure competence and progression throughout the career of an individual for the mutual benefit of the employee and employer". This may be achieved through a variety of means. For an activity to qualify for CPD, it need not necessarily be technical. As an example, a manager in the paint or ink industry may be encouraged to take an MBA by their employer. This universally recognized management qualification would then relate to the individuals career as a manager in the printing ink or coatings industries. It would develop the person professionally and would thus be considered CPD. Likewise, health and safety seminars would also qualify.

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