OCCA Membership

There are currently 3 levels of Membership for Individuals within OCCA



For those in the early stages of learning

Young Chemists
Busy with Academic Training
Early Stage of Career

Ordinary Membership

R520/per year

Entry level membership.

Not a student
Not a professional

Retired Membership

R140/per year

Retired members get a reduced rate at their respective level.

Retired with previous membership
Maintain level of membership

Once a member, you can be nominated to advance in Membership level

LTSC Membership

  • Licentiate of the Technology of Surface Coatings.
  • 3 Years Experience
  • Degree or Further Education level
  • 2 Associates (ATSC’s) Sponsors

ATSC Membership

  • Associate of the Technology of Surface Coatings.

  • 7 Years Experience

  • Degree or Further Education level

  • 1 Associates (ATSC), 1 Fellow (FTSC) Sponsor

FTSC Membership

  • Fellow of the Technology of Surface Coatings.

  • Significant contribution to relevant industry, education & OCCA

  • 3 Fellows (FTSC) Sponsors

Honorary Membership

OCCA recognises and appreciates individuals’ contributions to the association & industry through its Honorary Member status – a prestigious award for services rendered to the association and its members.

No boundaries exist within OCCA, geographical or otherwise, and OCCA’s membership comprises men & women of all ages, in many countries, from a wide range of disciplines and from a broad spectrum of industry sectors. Members may choose to continue to develop in their original chosen disciplines and places of employment or move from sector to sector, broadening their experience and careers; either way, the professionalism and knowledge base of OCCA members increases steadily and reflects on the strength of the organisation.