SAPMA Training & Development

OCCA / Surface Coatings Association of Southern Africa has an ongoing, long-standing relationship with SAPMA who run the education programs. Many of the Tutors for the various courses have been drawn from OCCA’s ranks in the past.

The following is an explanation of the courses on offer:


The South African Paint Manufacturer’s Association (SAPMA). SAPMA has been providing much needed and essential technical skills training for the surface coatings industry over the past 28 years. The training courses offered by SAPMA training are:

Surface Coatings Technologist:

The training courses consist of 11 distance learning modules, each lasting approximately 3½ months. The training modules are based on the British Coatings Federation distance learning modules in terms of content methodology and assessment, and the outcomes are recognized both nationally and internationally. Accreditation of this course has been approved by QCTO. SAPMA is the training provider for these modules. 

The course addresses the following subject matter.

  • Basic technology (Compulsory)
  • Paint application
  • Solvents and binders
  • Pigments and dispersion
  • Modifiers
  • Evaluation
  • Convertible binders
  • Formulation principles
  • Powder coatings manufacture
  • Powder coatings formulation
  • General science

Manufacturing Skills programs:

These courses are aimed specifically at Preparation of Raw Materials, Manufacturing and packaging and labelling. These courses are accredited by CHIETA.  SAPITI is waiting for the Re-Accreditation of these Unit Standard Based Training Programmes.

Application video training course:

Specifically designed to meet the needs of the Applicators, contractors, and Paint retail stores within the Coatings sector for the provision of professional advice.  The following videos are available through links for all our SAPMA members with a monthly retainer fee per member per month:    

  1. Painting new and previously painted gutters and downpipes:
  2. Painting new and previously painted internal cement plastered walls:
  3. Painting new and previously painted external cement plastered walls:
  4. Painting previously painted concrete roof tiles:
  5. a) Painting of new and previously painted metal roofs:
    b) Painting of weathered metal roofs:
  6. Painting rhino board ceilings:
  7. Painting of new and previously painted window frames:
  8. Painting of palisade fencing:
  9. Painting of bathroom tiles:
  10. Varnishing and sealing of exterior wood

SAPMA, we have an agreement with the British Coatings Federation (BCF) to use their full online training course database which covers the following training modules:

 Level 2

  • General Overview of Coatings
  • Media and Solvents
  • Pigments and their Properties
  • Paint and Ink Manufacture – Rheology
  • Evaluation
  • Surface Preparation
  • Powder Coatings – Overview
  • Powder Coating Application and Cure
  • Paint and Ink Application

 Level 3

  • Types and Manufacture of Pigments
  • Properties of Pigments
  • Media – Thermoplastic Powders
  • Media – Thermosetting Powders
  • Testing – Solvents and Resins
  • The Testing of Pigments
  • Manufacture – Paint
  • Manufacture – Ink
  • Manufacture – Powder Coatings
  • Evaluation of Paints – Physical Properties
  • Evaluation of Paints – Chemical and Environmental Properties
  • Evaluation of Coating Powders
  • The Evaluation of Colour
  • Paint Application – Spraying
  • Paint Application – Non Spraying
  • Ink Application Technology
  • Application Equipment for the Application of Powder Coatings
  • Theory of Application of Powder Coatings
  • Application – Metallic Substrates
  • Application – Non-Metallic Substrates
  • The Curing of Coatings
  • Coatings – Safety, Health and Environmental Aspects

 Level 4

  • Solvents and Additives
  • Media – Introduction and Manufacture of Media
  • Non-Convertible Media
  • Oils, Driers and Oleoresins
  • Convertible Media – Alkyds and Polyesters
  • Acrylics and Aminos
  • Epoxies and Urethane Resins
  • Manufacture – Dispersion
  • Manufacture – Flow
  • Ink Technology and Formulation

 Level 5

  • Pigments Colour and Dispersion
  • Evaluation and Specifications
  • Formulation – Determining Factors
  • System Components – Decorative Applications
  • Formulation Requirements of Industrial Systems – Wood and High Performance
  • Formulation Requirements of Industrial Systems – Automotive and Can Coatings
  • Liquid Coatings, Modifiers and Drying
  • Application and Special Properties
  • Appearance and Properties
  • Urethane and Amino Resins
  • Epoxy, Acrylic and Water Reducible Resins
  • Water Borne Coatings
  • Thermosetting Coating Powders
  • Coating Powders – Manufacture
  • Thin Film Intumescent Coatings for Fire Protection of  Steel Structures
  • Advanced Level Formulation Project

The modules above will require the students to register through SAPMA’s training department.  The students will also require tutor assistance.  A tutor will be assigned to the student once they have registered for the online training.  The tutor will be available online and will assist the students to complete the module as well as answering any questions or concerns relating to the training module the student is completing at the time.  The training is all online, and assignments as well as some of the assessments will be submitted online.  There will still be a handwritten exam required to be completed by the student, this will be arranged with the BCF, the tutor and the student as and when the time arises. 

For more information please call:  010 009 6823 or email: