Beware the Ides, Tempus Fugit and Coatings for Africa

Surface Coatings Association of SA

D T Grady

“Time Flies!”

Hardly anyone over the age of ten would disagree with this classic cliché and although it appears to be a statement arising from a modern phenomenon the phrase (Tempus Fugit) is attributed to the Roman poet Virgil and recorded around 29 BC (Before Cell phones). However, and as usual, I digress. The message that I bring you is that our treasured Paint Show – Coatings for Africa is on its way to us next year (5-7 May) in a little over 14 months away (at the time of writing).

The importance of planning for and supporting this event cannot be stressed more strongly. In a world of fierce competition it is vital that we use all opportunities to parade the strength and quality of our local Coatings Industry in early May 2020. As if to underscore this very point I know that a number of you are already packing your bags for ECS and the rally call to Nuremberg beckons. I mention this attraction because it seems to be a justifiable and significant expense for some to fly off to Europe and it is seemingly written off as money well spent. All I hope for is that some of this enthusiasm for a European conference is retained and transferred to an African expo next year that is happening much closer to home and the markets that we serve.

As the days, weeks and months march on I will write more and encourage your involvement and attendance at CFA 2020 in Sandton, Johannesburg. For booking information please click on the link to CFA and communicate directly with the event organisers –DMG.

Finally, “Beware the Ides”? In keeping with my Latin theme I thought it seemed worth mentioning this phrase too. As Julius discovered it wasn’t a good time in Rome during the month of March but Ides also relate to dates in the middle of other months. This includes May and for me this appears a little too close to the forthcoming Elections!

“Time Flies!”