OCCA Cape Section

Dear OCCA Cape Section,

COViD19 has unintentionally changed the way we do business, learn, and interact with each other.  What we thought would be eradicated with a simple stringent three-week lockdown has morphed into everyone being dragged willy-nilly into the virtual age while the silent virus creeps around almost unchecked.

We were unable to have any face-to-face meetings over the past year. Our local biennial national symposium, Coatings for Africa, as well as the much-loved Nuremburg Coatings Show, have had to be postponed until international travel becomes safe to do.

The extended global lockdown has created opportunity. Where before interactions would be limited to those whom we could reach physically, we now have reached a wider audience, drawing in those who are able to interact with our information at a time and place of their convenience.  One also reaches the “browsing shopper” who is able to test information and be further drawn into the exciting technology that is being introduced. 

With this in mind, we would like to invite you to browse the new OCCA SA website: https://occasa.org.za/

In the coming weeks you will see notices of upcoming webinars in areas of your interest. Despite not being able to travel, our international technical speakers will keep you abreast of the latest technologies.

We will also be introducing a members-only access to the broader supplier market –  no more fruitless searching for raw materials and much more. Information at your fingertips. Come back every few weeks as the upgrade continues.

Please use the opportunity to tell us what information you would like to see as well as recommend any changes to the website which would enhance your browsing experience.

Wishing you solutions in a challenging environment.

OCCA Cape Section