OCCA & SAPMA Memorandum of collaboration.

This memorandum of collaboration is entered into and between the Oil and Colour Chemists’ Association of South Africa (OCCA SA), whose registered offices is at 55 Beach Road, Strand, Cape Town, and the South African Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA), whose registered office is at 16 Nicol Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.

Signing of the OCCA and SAPMA Collaboration Left Danny Grady of OCCA SA and right Terry Ashmore, SAPMA Chairman

OCCA SA and SAPMA are, respectively, the leading membership organisation and trade association within the South African Coatings Sector. Both organisations currently provide a range of technical, training and support activities across the Sector.

OCCA SA and SAPMA already collaborate between each other, and this Alliance is intended to capitalise upon these successful collaborations and benefit from each other’s specialised resources.

OCCA SA and SAPMA have identified the benefits of collaborating as a broader- based strategic alliance to enhance the relationship between each organisation and advance the capabilities and interests of each body.

OCCA SA and SAPMA will collaborate on multiple issues of mutual interest and benefit to their respective membership, customers, and other stakeholder communities.